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Freezer and Refrigeration Repair 

Central Texas restaurant owners and service operators have trusted Fox Service Company to keep their business running smoothly for over 45 years by maintaining and repairing their walk-in freezers and coolers. Our trained technicians, available 24 hours a day, respond to refrigeration service emergencies fast, fixing the problem the first time with the right equipment and parts, all backed by our one year guarantee.

Fox knows the best way to keep your equipment in top condition and avoid the costs associated with broken equipment and lost business is to have regular inspections and maintenance contracts for commercial refrigeration equipment. We proudly offer these planned maintenance agreements and which afford your business scheduled routine inspections and maintenance of your equipment as often as necessary throughout the year- our business is keeping your business running!

Large or Small, We Fix It All!

refrigeration repair

From repairs for bar and convenient store reach-in cases to preventive maintenance for hospitals, medical and pathology facilities, Fox is your one-stop shop for refrigeration and HVACR sales, service and repair. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, all work is performed by insured and state licensed technicians. Our goal is to keep you cool, and that means your inventory as well! We operate on all size of Commercial Refrigerators, Commercial Freezers, Walk-in Coolers, Reach-In Coolers, Ice Maker and Ice Machines, and Refrigerated Display Cases from San Marcos to Temple and anywhere in between. Headquartered in Austin, Texas our expert refrigeration techs are on call 24/7 and available one call away in emergency situations, any time, day or night.  


Common Signs of Trouble in Your Refrigeration System

Power Outages

These unfortunate circumstances can render your freezers or coolers inoperable, creating a ticking clock on your inventories lifespan. These can be caused by malfunctioning equipment, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, or worse you may have wiring issues or a control malfunction. Call a licensed professional for repairs in needed.   

Ice Build-Up

Ice buildup on the vents and coils can point to a need for service and routine maintenance by a licensed technician. By choosing only licensed refrigeration technicians you are protecting your equipment and your long term investments by ensuring proper tools and repair practices are employed to fix the problem.

Constant Operation

When your refrigeration unit's compressor runs excessively, this not only costs you in additional energy use, but it also usually indicates a leak in your refrigerant loop. A licensed HVACR technician can assess and identify any issues with prolonged or abnormal compressor operation.

Drain Pan Has Ice or Excessive Water

Clogged drains and defective heaters cause water and ice to build up in the drain pan. This can be avoided by routine planned maintenance on your equipment by a licensed technician.

Won't Hold Desired Temperature

The most common culprits are overloaded walk-in coolers or freezers which don't allow the conditioned air to circulate around the products, creating pockets of warmer and colder air but sometimes the answer is as simple as too much opening of the door. Both conditions can cause excessive ice to build up causing you additional problems with performance and ultimately with malfunctioning equipment. Keep access to the refrigerated space to a minimum, and allow plenty of space between the inventory for consistent cooling. 

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