Thermal Electrical Inspections & Imaging

Thermal Imaging Fluke TI25

Excessive heat in electrical components is often an indication of potential failure. Thermal imaging, the first line of defense in preventive maintenance programs for electrical systems, can identify issues to help prevent failures caused by worn parts, unbalanced loads, loose connections, bad breakers and fuses, or undersized conductors. This non-contact, non-destructive procedure allows Fox Service Company to find potential problems and schedule repairs before failure occurs. Each inspection comes with a written report to allow you to make an informed decision on repairs. Emergency and after hours services are available.

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Don't trust just anyone to provide a thermal imaging insepction of your electrical system. You want a certified electrician conducting the insepction in order to accurately identify areas of concern. Not all companies who provide this service are licensed to perform electrical repairs. The danger lies in incorrectly categorizing findings as hazardous, or even worse, hazardous conditions as safe! The additional costs of hiring another contractor to repair the issues discovered, and even the electrcican's interpretation of the report, can make this a difficult and expensive process unless using a certified electrical contractor, like Fox Service Company to conduct the inspection. Fox electricians are trained to correctly use this sensitive imaging equipment to quickly and accurately identify areas of concern. We are even equipped to make immediate repairs if necessary. Electrical problems? We Can Fix That!