Copalum & Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum Wiring Repair and Abatement

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As Central Texans load up their electrical outlets with more high-tech devices they may, unknowingly, be fanning the flames of an existing fire hazard in their homes. The danger of aluminum wiring translates into a real safety concern for homeowners. The CPSC’s research indicates homes wired with aluminum pose a 55 times greater risk for fire. Homes developed or renovated during the mid-1960s and early 1970s were often wired with aluminum due to soaring copper prices at the time. Don't be sold on over-priced, inferior, or temporary solutions offered by less experienced contractors. Fox Service Company offers COPALUM, an affordable and proven-safe alternative to rewiring your entire house, saving you thousands of dollars in the process! 

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Aluminum wiring poses a hazard to homes wired with this material. Thermal expansion can cause the connections to become loose, allowing electricity to openly arc. This can significantly increase the chances for electrical fire to develop at the source of the loose connection.

Copalum wiring repair is a cutting edge technology that allows specially certified Fox electricians to cold weld aluminum wire ends to a safer copper connection, and is the only method of repair endorsed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and national Home Inspector groups. This procedure allows Fox Service Company to SAFELY repair your aluminum wiring permanently without tearing out walls and rewiring the entire home....saving you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!    

Signs of Electrical Arcing:

  • Flashes behind wall or switch plates when plugging or unplugging devices, or powering devices on or off. 
  • Visible scorch marks on wall and switch plates.
  • Visible smoke or burning smells accompanying the above actions.

Approved Aluminum Wiring Methods:

  • Complete aluminum wire remediation; removal and replacement with copper wire.
    Average Costs: $10K-$20K
  • Copalum Wiring Repair; addresses the connections in a home, rendering the danger aluminum can pose harmless. 
    Average Costs: $3K-$7K (estimates are based off of home's square footage)