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Keep Your Furnace Going Strong During the Cold Winters in Austin, TX

Besides furnace repair, our friendly team of professionals provides habitual heating system maintenance services. This is incredibly necessary because as your furnace gets older, not only can it experience technical difficulties, but the overall efficiency of the heating system may be reduced as well.


As with many other parts of your home, furnaces and heaters need to be serviced havitually to ensure they are running normally, and the furnace warranty stays intact. You do not want to have a furnace or heater in your home that might be at risk of breaking or losing its warranty protection, as it could lead to more expensive repairs to your unit, and as mentioned before, may leave your family out in the cold at a bad time.

Fox Service Company will examine, clean, and adjust the appropriate parts of your heating system, as well as gather vital data on temperature, voltage draws, and more parts of operational performance. This involves the heat exchanger, burners, fan switch, pilot, safety controls, gas line, combustion air openings, panels, controls, safety features, lubrication belts and pulleys, air filters, and thermostat. The malfunction of any of these parts of your furnace or heating system can lead to reduced operation and malfunction.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Do your heating unit a favor and ensure maintenance that will not only help extend the life of your furnace but help maintain its best performance throughout the year.

Give us a call at 512-442-6782 and we’ll check that your furnace is up and ready for the cooler seasons.