Priority One HVAC Maintenance Program

Air Conditioner Planned Maintenance

Prevent Problems - Avoid Hassles

Comfort and safety for your family, savings and peace of mind for you.

One of the most important items for your family's comfort is your central air conditioning system. Whether it's hot or cold outside, your air conditioning system keeps your house comfortable. Now imagine life without it - even just for a few hours. Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen and there is no guaranteed way to stop them. However, there are a few ways to shift things in your favor - regular maintenance. All equipment manufacturers and utility companies recommend routine maintenance of heating and cooling equipment regardless of age, including brand new equipment. Just planned maintenance - like changing the oil in your car. Our planned HVAC maintenance program can help your home to stay comfortable all year long. 

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Benefits of Annual Maintenance 

Several independent long-term studies have shown the majority of HVAC emergency repairs could be eliminated with a small investment in routine annual maintenance. Other benefits are reduced operating costs and extended equipment life. Even better is that these benefits can be multiplied further with our weatherization products.

Preferred Customer Benefits

These value added benefits are included with our preferred customer Priority One Maintenance Agreement:

  • 2 annual multi-point inspections (see below for details)
  • Priority scheduling status
  • Reduced service charge 
  • Parts discounts
  • Special pricing for large projects

How It Works

Our Priority One Maintenance Program is an annual agreement providing testing and maintenance of your HVAC equipment twice a year; once for cooling and once for heating. During these inspections, scheduled at your convenience, we will perform several critical checks of your system as outlined on our multiple point inspection checklist below. If any problems or areas of concern are discovered, you will be notified so you can make an informed decision on how you want to proceed.

As you can see in the example shown here, enrollment often times can save significantly on the average cost of a repair- with more discounts and an additional inspection still at your disposal when you are ready to use it. 

HVAC Service Call Cost Comparison


W/O Priority One Benefits            W/ Priority One Benefits

AC Drain Clearing


Included in P1 tune up

($121.33 value)

Clean Condenser Coil


Included in P1 tune up

($128.17 value)

Install Safe-T-Switch



($13.17 value)

Priority One Plan (1 unit)



1st Inspection

not included  

Included in P1 program 

($119 value) 

2nd Inspection

not included  

Included in P1 program

($119 value)

Total Cost $381.23 vs.  $287.56
Savings $0   $93.67
Total Value     

Your Total Value


Takeaway: You get 2 extra HVAC inspections and still pay $93.67 less than a normal repair!

How To Enroll

Fox Service Company offers convenient enrollment options to suit your preferences. You can enroll online and save $10 instantly or you can give us a call during normal office hours M-F 8a-5p and enroll over the phone with a major credit card- (512)442-6782.


Priority One Air Conditioner Checklist

P1 Gas Heat Inspection Checklist

P1 Heat Pump Inspection Checklist