9 Benefits of Mini-Split AC Systems

Fox Service Company May 28, 2018

Mini-split or split air conditioning systems, otherwise known as ductless HVAC systems, offer numerous installation options in residential and commercial buildings. Because of their size and capabilities, they are ideal for:

  • Garages
  • Individualized rooms
  • Efficiency apartments
  • Music studios
  • Older homes and cottages

Mini-split systems have two main components: an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor. The indoor and outdoor units are linked together by a conduit.

When selecting a heating or cooling system for your home, a mini-split ductless air conditioning system could be a very suitable option. Because of their various benefits, they’ve become increasingly popular in homes throughout the country.

Some of the many benefits include:

  1. Small Size

Because of their size, mini-splits can be installed almost anywhere on a wall, including high up in typically hard-to-reach areas. Stylish designs allow them to seamlessly blend into a room.

  1. Ductless

For older homes or small spaces with limited area for duct work, you can hook up multiple rooms to the same system. If your home currently has a traditional system with ducts, it’s also very simple to change to a mini split system.

  1. Energy Efficient

Instead of conditioning the entire house all the time, mini-split systems allow you to control the temperature in each room. They only use as much energy as they need to when people are in each room, whereas systems with ducts can consume 30% or more energy.

  1. Cost Efficient

Mini-split Air Conditioners are a high efficiency solution for maximizing your comfort and energy savings. With available financing options, you can buy the system you want now and pay over time.

  1. Easy to Install

Mini-split systems are very simple to install, so a home can get back to being comfortable in just a few short hours.

  1. Flexible Applications

Mini-splits can be suspended from a ceiling, hung on a wall, or mounted flush into a drop ceiling. One outdoor equipment can heat and cool 1 to 6 rooms for maximum flexibility. Additional rooms can even be added at a later date.

  1. Maximum Comfort

Since you can control each mini-split system separately, you can reach the temperature you want in each room as they are occupied.

  1. Quiet

Unlike some systems that use air ducts or make loud noise on, mini-splits are extremely quiet. You may not even realize they’re on.

  1. Personalized

You control the temperature, style, and application. When you have a mini-split system, you have the freedom to decide.

Fox Service Companycarries many brands of mini-split AC systems, including Mitsubishi® Ductless Systems, Daikin and others. All are of superior quality and comfort. We distribute mini-split systems and many others in homes near Austin, Texas. Allow us to be your trusted HVAC providers.

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