Should I Get a Generator?

October 04, 2019

With the recent panic of Hurricane Dorian and the flooding that has occurred here in Texas, it may have crossed your mind that a generator would be something you may need to purchase. Power outages have many causes, but almost 60% is due to severe weather. No one wants the inconvenience of not being able to use their major appliances due to an electricity failure. That’s why we have whole-home generators. They are your personal power back-ups and can help save the day in the event of a severe storm. So, if you have been wondering if you should buy a generator or not, continue reading to see why we think you should!

Safety is Key

Power outages are a major safety concern. It may not seem like it at first glance, but lack of power could cause damage to your property from leaking refrigerators, power surges and even electrical problems when the power fluctuates. Having a whole-home generator helps to keep you, your home, and most importantly, your family safe, comfortable and connected throughout the storm.


No More Waiting for an Electric Company When the Power Goes Out

It’s not unheard of that during a power outage people will sometimes have to wait a whole day or even a week or more to get their power restored. This may be the best reason to get a whole-home generator. Who likes to wait around for a utility truck that could very well be assisting hundreds of other people during severe storms? It’s annoying and like we stated before, it could also cause unsafe conditions. When you have your whole-home backup generator, no more frantically calling the electric company to see if they can come to your house.


There Are Different Size Generators For Different Needs

There isn’t a “one size fits all” generator, your home and appliance needs dictate the size generator that is necessary. If you need a smaller generator just to power the more essential things, there’s a generator for that. Need to power for your 5000 square foot home with pool heating and multiple air conditioners? There’s a generator for that too. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a dime to learn what size is right for your home and determine the monthly payment options.


We want to help you have a piece of mind for the next hurricane season. Call us today at (512) 442-6782 for a free estimate and learn what generators are best for you, your home and your family!


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