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Water Heater Installation in Austin, TX Backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that a house can’t comfortably work without hot water. When you need new water heater installation in Austin, TX, you can rely on Fox Service Company technicians to finish the job fast and correctly.

Free water heater estimates can be prepared anytime. Each of our plumbers is licensed, insured and fully trained. This shows you they can handle pretty much any trouble, offer guidance and create a free-of-charge estimate to successfully place your new water heater. We also do complimentary at-home plumbing consultations, and all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee* for an entire year.

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When you contact us to plan hot water heater installation, you can forever expect your call to be answered, regardless of the time of day. We’ll get your appointment scheduled quickly, and one of our plumbers will arrive at your house right when they said they would and prepared to work. Contact Fox Service Company at 512-442-6782 today.

5 Indicators You Likely Need Water Heater Installation

A house can’t properly function without a solid water heater. Your water heater might start having symptoms when it has to be swapped out, or it could breakdown unexpectedly. Here are a few common signals you probably should consider hot water heater replacement:

  1. Your water heater is getting up there in years. This equipment will typically can handle about 10 years before requiring an upgrade. When yours is older than the 10-year anniversary, it’s better to contemplate installing a new water heater. Depending on usage and other circumstances, a number of water heaters might only operate for a couple of years—as little as four years. Unsure of how long yours has been around or if it has to be replaced? Locate the serial number, which is usually on a label on the top of the equipment. If you can’t find it, reach out to us for a complimentary assessment and water heater installation estimate. We can handle both electric water heater installation and gas water heater installation.
  2. Your faucet water is an odd color or looks rusty. This is an indication your water heater may be rusting on the inside and may also begin leaking any time.
  3. You’re swiftly exhausting your hot water. This is one of the most blatant evidence it’s the right time for water heater replacement. Water heaters get worse at warming water as they age and as sediment collects.
  4. Your water heater is letting off unusual noises. As water heaters mature, sediment piles up on the base of the tank. This collection of sediment coagulates and generate popping, breaking or potentially thumping noises. Sooner or later, old age can damage the tank and trigger water leaks.
  5. Your water heater is letting water leak out. Seemingly insignificant cracks can develop in the tank after some time. These breaks can set your tank at serious risk for exploding, so if you see a leak, you should contact a Fox Service Company plumber right away at 512-442-6782.

Advantages of an Upgraded Water Heater

Occasionally, it’s difficult to know when to replace your water heater. Should you attempt water heater repair or is it the right time for an upgraded water heater? It’s usual for repairs to seem like the cheaper and more effective option, but that’s not always the case in the end.

There are a wealth of advantages to think about when it comes to putting in an upgraded water heater. Here are some reasons why you ought to evaluate upgrading to a new water heater.

  • Energy efficiency. After heating and cooling, heating water is often the second leading charge in your space. Modern water heaters are miles more energy efficient than older types. Tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient possibility, since they heat up water on demand rather than storing it. If you’re excited about saving more on water heating charges, request information about our tankless water heater installation.
  • Reduced utility bills. A lot of new water heaters not only save you on energy, they can save you money as well. You probably won’t notice the change straight away, but as time passes it will start to become evident, making your choice for an upgraded water heater an extremely economical one.
  • Little to no hassle. Not only will your household save on utility bills, but you won’t have to think about repair appointments or freezing showers. Selecting a newer water heater saves you from annoyances and unpredictability of failure.
  • Advanced comfort. Modern water heaters confirm you never have to worry about insufficient hot water or being left with cold showers anytime soon. Upgraded types are crafted for greater need, affording you with more hot water.

We offer a broad selection of top-quality tank and tankless water heaters to work with any space and bottom line. The perfect water heater for your family can hinge on a variety of elements, but our plumbing and water heater specialists will help you pick the best kind for your space.

Whenever you need tankless water heater installation or gas water heater installation, you can depend on us to finish an experienced replacement.

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You won’t want to deal with leaks, or any other problems that may arise with installing your water heater as a DIY or by an untrained handyman. At Fox Service Company, all our plumbers are licensed, insured and go through extensive training to certify the project is finished correctly the first time around.

When your water heater is expertly installed, you can rest assured that the tank is properly sized, all temperature settings are right, all connections are free of leaks and all safety standards are met. This is extremely vital when you’re dealing with gas water heater replacement or electric tankless water heater installation. Not to mention, all our installation craftmanship is held up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

You’ll also be given the opportunity to get your questions answered about correct, continuing water heater upkeep and maintenance. This is also a great time to consult our neighborhood experts about our Complete Comfort Club. This complete plumbing, air conditioning and electrical maintenance plan ensures your space’s plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are always in great shape. As a valued member, you’ll also find priority service, repair discounts and other select perks.

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*Fox Service Company guarantees that, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the installation or repair service provided, for a period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service in question, we will, at your option: (a) perform the installation or repair service again at no additional cost; or (b) issue a full refund for the installation or repair service charged. This guarantee applies for a limited period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service performed by Fox Service Company. This guarantee only applies to the workmanship of the installation or repair services performed by Fox Service Company technicians and does not apply to any products, including but not limited to the performance or defects of such products installed or serviced by our technicians. This guarantee does not apply to any defects arising from use of the system or product for a purpose other than its intended purpose, misuse, alteration, accident, abuse or failure to maintain the product serviced or installed. Customer must provide prompt notice to Fox Service Company of less than full satisfaction with the installation or repair service.