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Increase Efficient Comfort with a Ductless Mini-Split

If you’re wanting an efficient way to add to the comfort in your home, look no further than a ductless mini-split in Austin, TX. Homeowners are getting to recognize the advantages of these highly efficient air conditioning systems, such as how they are comparable to central air systems, yet have no need for air ducts to heat and cool your residence.

Why Choose Fox Service Company to Install Your Ductless AC System?

Give Fox Service Company the opportunity to showcase to you why we’re the leading name in home comfort. Our Austin heating & cooling pros are proud to deliver unrivaled customer service and industry expertise, bringing you the products and services you require to keep your air conditioning system performing at its best. Not to mention, we back all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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You might be asking why a ductless mini-split system would be better than a regular air conditioning system. Mini-split systems are just another selection of central air conditioning system, but have many of their own distinct advantages:

  1. Mini-splits allow for zoned comfort. Mini-splits construct a zoned system, allowing you to set specific temperatures for each room. This makes them more efficient for cooling areas which are full more of the time, rather than using central air to cool your entire household.
  2. Mini-splits can supplement an existing HVAC system. Mini-split air conditioners are a fantastic choice if you’re only wanting to supplement your HVAC system rather than replacing it entirely. This is a good choice when hot and cold spots are trouble in mature or two-story homes, when changing garage or attic space to a living room, and when building an addition. A mini-split system can normally be fitted into your house with very little problems.
  3. Mini-splits are great for rooms lacking ductwork, for example, additions or garages. A mini-split air conditioning system is perfect for any additions or renovations to your home that don’t include ductwork. You can commonly utilize them in garages, sunrooms, attics, sheds and more.
  4. Mini-splits are effortless to install. Because they’re not tied to a central system, air conditioning installation is normally easier with mini-split air systems. Alongside the help of one of our certified Austin heating & cooling technicians, you can often have a mini-split air conditioner installed in less than a day. There’s less disruption because we only require to drill a hole through the wall to link your ductless mini-split AC unit with the outdoor system. This makes them more unified and secure than window or portable AC options.
  5. Mini-split ACs are simple to use. If you’re nervous that a ductless mini-split system will be more challenging to use than a traditional air conditioning system, we’re glad to put those reservations out. Even if you have various units about your home, there are a wide variety of settings that make choosing the correct temperature easier, including programmable temperature, motion and mobile controls.
  6. Mini-splits are exceptionally noiseless. Despite the equipment is in the same room as you, ductless mini-split systems are usually quieter than air ducting from a central AC system. This is because a traditional air conditioner needing much added energy to circulate the air through the entire house, with excess wind or mechanical noise being an unfortunate byproduct. Mini-split systems are intended to be understated and can operate as silent as a whisper. If you have difficulty sleeping or have exceptionally close neighbors, a ductless air conditioner is a perfect option.
  7. Mini-split systems offer great air filtration. These systems are equipped to filter airborne toxins just as well as a standard air conditioner. Mini-split AC systems may also come accompanied with an electrically charged air filter to trap dust, dander and more.
  8. Mini-splits are very energy efficient. A mini-split air conditioner is just as able to be energy efficient as a regular system. In most cases, it may even be more efficient. This is notably accurate since they don’t contain ductwork that can leak air. If you only require cool temperatures in particular parts of your house, a mini-split system can guarantee you’re only using the power you need where you need it. A traditional central air conditioning system can consume up to 25% more power to accomplish the same level of comfort. Additionally, many mini-splits are ENERGY STAR® qualified for their outstanding energy efficiency.
  9. Mini-splits may outlast a central air conditioner. Central air conditioners usually may survive up to 15 years. With proper maintenance, a mini-split air conditioner could survive up to 20 years or more. With suitable air conditioning maintenance, you can get any air conditioner to endure for a long time. A ductless system is no less beneficial, and we’re more than glad to present you with the very top upkeep and any required air conditioning repair.


Ductless mini-split air conditioners, also referred to as a split system, multi-split system or split-ductless system, contrast from standard cooling systems in numerous ways. Different from central air, multi-split systems can be located about your residence to offer room-by-room air conditioning, giving you total control and flexibility over the temperature of each space.

Because they don’t have a need for ductwork, a mini-split AC can cool or heat a room’s air with up to 25% less energy, making them ideal for many households, especially rooms with temperature-sensitive personal property or equipment, garage conversions, older homes and new homes where the most energy efficiency and space is desired. With a noiseless, compact design intended to heighten energy efficiency, they’re also just as effective and simple to use as regular air conditioning equipment.

Some models are also a mini-split heat pump. Meaning they can provide heat and air conditioning like traditional heat pumps, keeping you comfortable all year round.

At Fox Service Company, we’re proud to partner with Lennox®, the leading name in home comfort. Lennox produces some of the quietest and most energy-efficient home comfort equipment on the market.

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*Fox Service Company guarantees that, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the installation or repair service provided, for a period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service in question, we will, at your option: (a) perform the installation or repair service again at no additional cost; or (b) issue a full refund for the installation or repair service charged. This guarantee applies for a limited period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service performed by Fox Service Company. This guarantee only applies to the workmanship of the installation or repair services performed by Fox Service Company technicians and does not apply to any products, including but not limited to the performance or defects of such products installed or serviced by our technicians. This guarantee does not apply to any defects arising from use of the system or product for a purpose other than its intended purpose, misuse, alteration, accident, abuse or failure to maintain the product serviced or installed. Customer must provide prompt notice to Fox Service Company of less than full satisfaction with the installation or repair service.

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