Whole-Home Rewiring

Austin Whole-Home Rewiring Services 

Making Sure Electricity Gets Where It Needs to Go in Your Greater Austin Metropolitan Home

Wires are the foundation of every electrical system. They channel the electricity produced by the grid and managed by your panel, fuse box, or circuit breaker to the outlets, appliances, and fixtures that use it. When your home’s wiring is flawed, frayed, or worn out, it can create a fire hazard that puts your family at risk. Fox Service Company provides whole-home rewiring services for homes in Austin and the surrounding areas, helping you keep your family safe and ensure your wiring is always safe, reliable, and secure.

Do You Need New Wires for Your Home?

Most of your home’s wires are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, they’re concealed underground, within walls, and even in your ceilings. That means that it’s hard to evaluate their condition visually – you’ll have to watch out for warning signs like the ones listed below to find out if your wires are in bad shape.

Signs You Need Whole-Home Rewiring Services Include:

  • Your outlets don’t provide reliable power
  • You’re experiencing electrical shocks when you plug in or take out cords
  • Blown fuses and tripped breakers keep interrupting your day
  • Strange smells or sounds are coming from your electrical fixtures
  • Your lights are mysteriously flickering
  • It’s been decades since you’ve had your wires installed

Is it time to rewire your home? Call Fox Service Company in Austin at (512) 488-1120 to consult with our rewiring team and receive a free estimate today!

Replacing Aluminum Wiring in Austin Homes

A shortage of copper in the mid-1960s caused builders to increase the use of aluminum in residential electrical branch circuit wiring. Homes built in the late 1960s and the 1970s may contain aluminum wiring. Homes wired with aluminum, are 55 times more likely to have one or more wire connections at outlets reach fire hazard conditions than homes wired with copper. Fox Service Company can replace your aluminum wiring with secure and safe copper or provide permanent reinforcement through our Tyco Cop-Alum retermination process, which is recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as a safe, effective, and permanent repair for aluminum wiring.

Rewiring for Multi-Family Homes and Managed Properties

Multi-family homes and property-managed communities have their own unique electrical needs, and that means that their wiring systems may look different than those of single-family homes. Fox Service Company works with owners, managers, and supervisors of these properties to make sure that the safety and quality requirements of their properties are being met, and that they get new wiring that ensures every resident has access to reliable and efficient power.

Contact our Austin rewiring team online or give us a call at (512) 488-1120 to schedule service, get a free estimate, or request 24/7 emergency services!

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