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Creating a Designated Charging Space in Your Home for Your New Electric Vehicle

These days, more and more people are investing in a cleaner, greener future by purchasing and driving electric cars. These vehicles may not need gas to get you where you need to go, but they do require regular recharging at specialized stations. If you’ve recently purchased, or are interested in purchasing, an electric car, Fox Service Company in Austin can help you ensure that your home is equipped to keep your new investment fully charged and at peak performance.

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Electric Vehicles Require Specialized Outlets

Charging an electric vehicle is a different process from charging a phone. The level of voltage required can’t be produced by standard outlets. When we create a charging station for your home, we start with installing the type of specialized outlet that’s required to charge your car efficiently and effectively. Without the proper kind of charge from the proper type of outlet, your car’s battery life and performance could be negatively affected.

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Looking for Answers?

Check out of most frequently asked questions.
  • Can I use my existing electrical panel for an electric vehicle charging station installation?
    It depends on the capacity of your existing electrical panel. Your electrician will need to determine if your panel has enough capacity to handle the additional load of an electric vehicle charging station. If not, an upgrade to the panel may be necessary.
  • Can I install an electric vehicle charging station myself or do I need a professional?
    It is recommended to hire a professional electrician to install an electric vehicle charging station. They will have the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure the installation is done safely and correctly.
  • What type of electric vehicle charging station should I install at home?
    There are two main types of electric vehicle charging stations: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 charging stations use a standard 120-volt outlet and are typically slower to charge, while Level 2 charging stations use a 240-volt outlet and can charge an electric vehicle much faster. It is recommended to install a Level 2 charging station for faster and efficient charging.
  • Are there government incentives available for installing electric vehicle charging stations?
    Yes, there are various government incentives available for installing electric vehicle charging stations, depending on the location. These can include tax credits, rebates, and grants. Call us today for details!
  • How much does it cost to install a home charging station for an electric vehicle?
    The cost of installing a home charging station can vary depending on the type of charging station, the location, and the cost of labor. Our professional EV Charger Installers can give you a free quote on installation, contact us to schedule!
  • How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at a Level 2 charging station?
    The charging time for an electric vehicle at a Level 2 station will depend on the vehicle's battery size and the charging rate of the station. On average, it can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to fully charge a vehicle at a Level 2 station.
  • What types of charging stations are available for electric vehicles?

    There are several types of charging stations available, including Level 1 (120V), Level 2 (240V), and Level 3 (DC Fast Charging) stations. Level 1 charging uses a standard household outlet, while Level 2 and Level 3 stations require specialized equipment and infrastructure.

More Common Questions

Outfit Your Multi-Family or Property Managed Home with EV Charging Stations

If you’re the manager of a multi-family residence or a property manager for a community, ensuring that your residents have access to electric car charging stations is a great way to attract more residents and improve property values. Fox Service Company in Austin can help you install, repair, and maintain designated stations for residents, guests, and employees as needed.

Specialized Equipment Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Fox Service Company is a company that’s committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. We want every Austin or Greater Austin Metropolitan resident who wants to switch to an electric car to be able to make that switch as easily as possible. We offer financing plans and online discounts to keep upfront costs low and allow you to pay the way you want. Plus, like all of our other services, our electric car charging stations are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident that your electric vehicles are in good hands.

Take the next step towards a more sustainable home by outfitting your property with electric car charging stations from Fox Service Company. Call our Austin electric car charger experts at (512) 488-1120 or send us a message online today to schedule your appointment!

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