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Austin Garbage Disposal Repair & REplacement

While you may not often think about your kitchen’s garbage disposal, it’s a useful and hardworking appliance. It’s designed to safely flush small quantities of food residue through your plumbing. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of what should or should not be placed into a garbage disposal, or what to do when it suddenly stops working, or worse, gets clogged up and won’t drain at all.

Coffee grounds, grease, and eggshells are some of the most common culprits. These and fibrous food items like root vegetable skins often form clogs, some of which require garbage disposal repair. Tougher objects like bone or silverware can jam or even damage the machinery. If they’re capable of damaging the garbage disposal, it’s possible they’ll harm your plumbing too. With enough damage, a better option may be garbage disposal installation. You’ll have to look into garbage disposal replacement rather than repair or maintenance services.

Fortunately, Fox Service Company offers comprehensive unclogging, repair or full replacement for all types of garbage disposals. Just call 512-387-3725 to schedule your appointment if you need an estimate.

Residential and commercial garbage disposal systems alike are vulnerable if overwhelmed with waste or foreign objects. If your kitchen sink is clogged, draining slowly or making strange sounds, garbage disposal repair may be necessary. The plumbing experts at Fox Service Company can quickly identify and resolve a wide variety of problems. And if you’re thinking about upgrading, we can recommend exceptional models for garbage disposal installation.

Our technicians have all the tools and training they need to provide fast garbage disposal repair and other plumbing services. They’re also fully-licensed, insured and certified because you deserve the peace of mind maintenance is always performed by a qualified professional. Feel free to ask them about garbage disposal installation if you’re considering upgrading to a new system. And to schedule an appointment or free consultation, contact our support staff by phone at (512) 488-1120.

In the meantime, we’ll share some tips on how to avoid clogs and the need for garbage disposal repair. 

Common Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

  1. Sink is draining slowly. Kitchen garbage disposals are frequently located immediately under the sink. Food waste will have to pass through the garbage disposal depending on which drain is being used. If the drain your garbage disposal is connected to drains slowly, a clog may have formed. Waiting too long may worsen the problem, or even produce mold and bacteria.
  2. Strange noises coming from the garbage disposal. If foreign objects like straws or silverware reach an active garbage disposal, they may damage delicate machinery like the blades. Your garbage disposal may not work effectively or even at all. This is often accompanied by a loud grating sound. Severe damage to the motor could turn a repair job into a more expensive garbage disposal replacement project.
  3. Mold or leaks under or near pipes. When your garbage disposal is damaged, leaks can form. Watch for water damage, or mold growth close to your garbage disposal system. Even if the garbage disposal seems to function normally, a broken seal will still leak.
  4. Your garbage disposal no longer runs. This is a surefire sign something is wrong, although sometimes the cause is electrical. Checking the disposal may not reveal the source of the problem, and attempting to find the problem could end up causing more damage. Sometimes it’s simply beyond repair. Fox Service Company plumbers can assist you with proper garbage disposal replacement, directing you towards brands and models well-suited to your needs.

A qualified plumber from Fox Service Company can offer expert garbage disposal repair, as well as garbage disposal replacement services if the old model is too old or damaged. Garbage disposal installation is quick and hassle-free, as our experienced plumbers ensure it’s securely fastened to your kitchen sink. Whatever work you need done, Fox Service Company can do so quickly and efficiently. More importantly, they can do so safely.

Despite its small size, a malfunctioning garbage disposal can be dangerous. The blades are powerful enough to cause severe injury. If you think something is blocking the garbage disposal from working quickly, do not attempt to place your hand in the drain to free it. We’ll happily provide thorough drain cleaning.

In most cases, you’re better off preventing clogs from forming in the first place. This is the best form of maintenance, and you can do it yourself! Make sure only small pieces of food residue are placed into the garbage disposal. Grainy, fibrous items are better off in the trash. While liquids may seem appropriate, certain substances like oil and grease should be wiped clean with paper towels and placed in the trash as well. Finally, run cold water through your garbage disposal after use to keep the drain clear.

Trust the Plumbing Experts at Fox Service Company

Fox Service Company can provide outstanding garbage disposal repair in Austin, TX. If you’re looking to swap out the old one for a new model, we can help guide you towards the best garbage disposal replacement model for your needs. And our garbage disposal installation process is simple and affordable. Whatever plumbing service you need, we can handle the job quickly.

Request an appointment, free consultation, or cost estimate from our customer support. They’re available 24/7 by phone at (512) 488-1120 to assist you with all your plumbing questions and concerns. Call today!

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