Random HVAC Shutdowns: Debris and Your HVAC

Close up of an HVAC Unit outside

Depending on whom you ask, Spring cleaning can be one of the most relaxing times. Nothing can feel as refreshing as getting through a list of chores and having a cleaner home. While cleaning cupboard and sinks are essential, do not forget the importance of cleaning your HVAC system this spring. Here is what you need to know about the importance of cleaning your HVAC system.

Why Should I Clean My HVAC?

While it may seem as HVAC systems are relatively self-sufficient, the truth is they still require maintenance now and then to help keep things running smoothly. Depending on your home, where your HVAC central unit is installed can be subjected to debris from nearby trees or even dirt. While a few leaves and specks of soil are not an issue, the issue arises when you let these pollutants build up.

Debris in your HVAC system can impede airflow leading to uneven heating or cooling across your home. Poor airflow leads to annoyances such as cold or hot spots across the house, but it could mean a higher utility bill as you use your HVAC more often. Likewise, blockages will put additional strain on your HVAC system that can cause components to wear down much quicker than average. If higher utility bills were not annoying enough, costly repairs would worsen the situation.

What Can I Do?

Thankfully cleaning your HVAC system can be relatively simple, and the start of a new season is a perfect time to do some cleaning. When cleaning your HVAC system, always remember to power off your HVAC system entirely to avoid potential electrical hazards. When power is shut off, you can take the steps needed to unscrew the outer panels of your HVAC system.

Using hose take the time to wash down any leaves or dirt that may have been trapped in your panels. When it comes to inside the housing of the HVAC unit, carefully vacuum any leaves and larger debris that could potentially cause blockages. For cleaning coils, you can use a coil cleaning solution, but follow the direction on the product to ensure proper drying times to avoid damaging your coils. Properly dry all panels to prevent water damage or mold growth.

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