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Whole Home Performance

We’re your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor!
Energy conservation done right! Fox is a participating contractor in the Austin Energy Loan & Rebate Programs. We offer a wide variety of energy-saving measures to improve your home or office. Home Performance measures can make your home more comfortable and less expensive to operate. Want to know more on how to save on home energy bills? Click below to schedule your Free Home Performance Evaluation today!

Home performance products come in a wide range of applications. Attic Insulation, Attic Ventilation, and Radiant Barrier address the stresses caused by your attic. Weather Stripping and Solar Screens keep indoor temperatures from becoming influenced by outdoor conditions. AC Duct Sealing keeps the conditioned air from escaping into the attic. These measures all work together with your HVAC system to decrease your energy consumption. This, in turn, affords you savings on your utility bills while enjoying increased levels of comfort.

All Home Performance with ENERGY STAR work performed is code compliant and in most cases eligible for any utility rebates available. Depending on your utility company, many of the Home Performance items listed above are eligible for utility company rebates and/or low-interest loan programs to help pay for them. Ask your Fox Service Company Comfort Specialist for additional information on current rebates available and exact pricing.

Financing with approved credit is available under our Project Financing options!

From common home energy performance to whole home performance, Fox Service Company’s energy professionals can handle it all. Call us today at (512) 442-6782 to discuss your home performance needs or to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online here.

Home Performance Services

Attic Insulation

Fact: Lack of adequate Attic Insulation is the leading cause of energy waste in the average home. Most older homes have little or no insulation, and over time insulation can become compressed and less effective increasing the costs of keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Homes that have inadequate insulation heat up quicker during the summer and cool down quicker in the winter. Historic insulation practices have been proven to be insufficient for significant savings which is why updated recommendations call for adding as much as an additional 6-12 inches of insulation in your attic. Call Fox Service Company to ask about installing or removing your Attic Insulation and schedule your FREE Energy Audit today!

Old Attic Insulation? We offer attic insulation extraction services as part of our Attic Insulation services. So, if you need your old insulation removed before adding new insulation- we can fix that!
About Insulation From The Experts

Attic insulation is durable under the right conditions. However, moisture and compression, by gravity or physical contact, can reduce it’s efficiency significantly. Even more compelling, old attic insulation can fall victim to unwanted pest infestations or roof leaks, rendering it smelly and ineffective. Fox Service Company offers attic insulation removal services for those unfortunate attics that need a little extra help getting back into shape.

Attic Ventilation

Fact: Proper attic exhaust and ventilation help evacuate moisture and heat build-up in the attic. It can make your home more comfortable during the summer months and help reduce the expense of operating your air conditioning system as much as 12%. We specialize in environmentally-friendly solar powered exhaust fans and other forms of weatherization to help reduce your energy use. To find out more about Solar Powered Attic Exhaust Ventilation or schedule your FREE Energy Audit call Fox Service Company today!

Radiant Barrier

Fact: A Radiant Barrier can reduce radiant heat transfer to your attic by as much as 60-80%; can lower an air conditioner’s operating cost by up to 12%. Radiant Barrier is an aluminum-based liquid coating that can effectively cut the amount of radiant heat from entering the attic. Reduced heat in the attic space is directly proportionate to reduced heat entering your living space. Call Fox Service Company to learn more about Radiant Barriers and your FREE Energy Audit today!

HVAC Duct Sealing

Fact: Ducts in the average home leak 15-40% of the home’s heating and cooling into the attic, increasing demand on HVAC systems, energy consumption and utility bills. Leaky ducts can also negatively affect air quality in your home allowing dust and other pollutants into your air. Poor air quality can exaggerate respiratory ailments and conditions and can contribute to dust and/or mold build up in your home. Call Fox Service Company today to learn more about Duct Sealing and Replacement and your FREE Energy Audit.

Solar Screens

Fact: Solar Screens can block up to 90% of direct sunlight and heat. Installing Solar Screens on windows receiving direct sun provides one of the most effective and affordable ways to keep your home cool. Extremely practical, Solar Screens provide energy savings, keep rooms comfortable, reduce glare while maintaining excellent outward visibility, protecting upholstery and carpet from fading. Call Fox Service Company at (512) 442-6782 to learn more about Solar Screens and your FREE Energy Audit today!

Weather Stripping

Fact: Water, dust, and other pollutants can be pulled into your home through exterior penetrations, doors, and plumbing that are not properly sealed. This can drastically reduce indoor air quality which can negatively affect allergies, respiratory illness, and home operating costs. A professional weatherization job including weather stripping on all unsealed openings can almost completely eliminate these infiltrations into your home. Call Fox Service Company to learn more about Weather Stripping and your FREE Energy Audit today!

Utility Rebates

Utility rebates can vary from city to city, based on service provider territories. We do our best to stay current and informed in order to offer you the largest savings available. Due to the growing energy efficiency movement, rebate programs can often change each season so it’s important to ask about current rebate programs if you haven’t done so in the last few months. Call your comfort specialists at Fox for the latest and most up to date rebate information in your city.

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