How Attic Insulation Can Help You Stay Cozy

Person installing insulation

Winter chills can sneak up on us and can put a damper in staying cozy indoors. While cranking up the heat can help fight back that chilly air, you might be putting extra strain on your HVAC if you have an attic that tends to leak in air. Here are some of the reasons why getting your attic insulated will help you not only stay cozy in the winter but even help for the next season!

Saving Money

The biggest reason to get your attic insulated is to save money on your energy bills. If you are running your heating system to stay warm but have an attic with no insulation, you’re fighting a losing battle. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of spending far more on your energy bills and can easily avoid draining your wallet by getting your attic insulated.

Stay Cozy

Reducing air leaks helps create a closed environment for your home that allows you to have far more control of your home’s temperature. So by insulating your home, you reduce the likelihood of cold air seeping into your home and causing some of your rooms to have uneven heating. You also get some lovely soundproofing and don’t have to worry about outside noise leaking into your home.

Nothing can be more annoying than setting your thermostat to a cozy 72 degrees but then walking upstairs to your room, and it feels like the inside of an igloo. You can avoid unnecessary repair costs because we have seen homeowners think their HVAC was broken, but in fact, they just had poor insulation.

Prepare For The Warmer Months

Funnily enough, many homeowners overlook how important attic insulation can be to cool their homes down. While attic insulation helps trap warm air in the colder months when your heating system is running, it can also do the same for cooler air. You beat the summer heat more effectively by trapping in more cool air from your AC with proper insulation.

Help Your Roof Stay Healthy

Another benefit of attic insulation is avoiding potential moisture build-up in your attic that can cause mold growth or structural damage to the underside of your roof. Often condensation can build up in attics, and over time will damage the wood around your attic, as well as seep into your roof’s shingles.

At Fox Service Company our years of experience helps us find the most cost-effective solution for your needs. Call our team today at (512) 488-1120, and we are happy to help you get your attic insulated so that you can have a cozier home this winter.