Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

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Your home uses energy, and there’s really no way around that. However, that doesn’t mean your home needs to use too much energy. Fox Service Company has been the Greater Austin area’s trusted service provider for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work since 1972. In the decades since we’ve started serving our community, we’ve helped with countless energy-saving home improvements and gathered the best ways to reduce energy bills.

Our Home Energy Saving Tips 

Saving energy doesn’t have to be complicated. These tips will give you some starting points for energy savings. Some will be easier than others to do on your own, and you can turn to Fox Service for any you need help with.

Stop Energy Vampires 

Your home is full of appliances and devices that are using power, even when they are off. In fact, the Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that the average American home wastes over $165 a year just on idle electrical usage. To combat this waste, Fox Service can help you with smart outlets or energy gauge installation, but you can also get power strips that reduce this loss.

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Upgrade your HVAC 

If your home’s HVAC system is older, it probably isn’t working as well as it should be. Older systems weren’t built to be as efficient as their modern counterparts, but one of the most significant issues with older systems is worn-down parts that require more energy to function. One of the most significant energy-saving home improvements you can make is to install a new, more efficient HVAC system. A close second is to schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep your current system working as efficiently as possible.

Use Better Lightbulbs

Modern lightbulbs are designed to be more energy efficient, specifically with LEDs. Switching out your bulbs can lead to less energy usage.

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances 

Much like older HVAC systems, older appliances weren’t designed with energy efficiency in mind. Although your older stove, washer, or other appliance might still be working, they are probably resulting in more money spent each month on your energy bills.

Use Less Hot Water

Heating water is one of the ways that your home uses energy. Luckily, there are ways to use less hot water without having to take cold showers. Installing a newer, more energy-efficient water heater, or even a tankless water heater, is a great option. Lowering the temperature on your water heater is a place to start, but other steps you can take include washing your laundry in cold water and only running your dishwasher when you can use full loads.

Who Can Help Me with Energy Savings in Austin?

Getting your home ready for energy saving includes a lot that you can do on your own, but for true energy efficiency, you’ll need to turn to the experts. Fox Service Company has been providing an expert touch to home improvement projects around the greater Austin area for 50 years. Get your free estimate online or call 512-488-1120.