Whole House Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection

Your home has thousands of dollars worth of electronics and appliances.
Protect them for pennies on the dollar!

**Starts at $364 fully installed with 1 year parts and labor warranty**

Surge protection is most commonly found in the form of surge-strips (Type II SPD) on high-end electronics, but did you ever consider your larger appliances? Fox Service Company can help by installing whole-house surge protectors in Austin, West Lake, Lakeway, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos homes and most of the surrounding areas. See our infographic below for an easy-to-digest format on how surge protection might be the answer to protecting your home's electrical grid. 


Why Whole-House surge protection?

Studies show the average household has as much as $15,000 worth of unprotected electronics and appliances. Among the best ways to protect your investments in gadgets is to have a residential electrician set up a whole-house surge protection system in your home.

Each day our society becomes more dependent on electricity and our local power grids are being overloaded and bombarded with demand beyond normal operation. With the increased demand, power grids are being taxed beyond originally designed intent, giving rise to the frequency and magnitude of electrical surges.

What is an electrical power surge?

An electical power surge occurs when something causes a sudden unsustained, or brief, spike in voltage. This increases the electrical current moving through your home's power grid. Electrical surges can harm electrical equipment and reduce their lifespan, sometimes destroying the delicate circuitry inside completely.

In one case a surge hit a home equipped with a 'smart' oven, frying the control board and switching the oven to broil while no one was home, causing extensive damage to the kitchen along with the appliance itself. After coming home to a near disaster, the only way for the homeowner to shut the oven off was to kill the power by unplugging it!

Sensitive equipment like computers, televisions, DVD and blu-ray players, and the rapidly-increasing field of 'smart' appliances are particularly susceptible to spikes in the electrical current, while other appliances that cycle throughout the day can actually be the SOURCE of the surge.

These surges in power can damage and degrade the circuits, chips and microprocessors that control their operations. They have, in extreme cases, been known to even wipe the memory from a connected computer.

Unusual Suspects

While lightning may seem like the most likely source for a power surge, there are various reasons for power surges apart from lightning. One of the most common reasons for power surges is using electrical appliances which use a lot of energy.

A few of these include microwaves, clothes driers, hair dirers, refrigerators and automatic dish washing machines. They use great amounts of power to be switched on; and when shut back off can leave a transient voltage in your electrical wiring looking for a place to go. These spikes inside the electrical current might not be obvious to the naked eye, but these spikes can destroy electrical equipment over time.


We can fix that.

Lightning, utility disturbances, and even home appliances cycling (turning on and off) can cause power surges in your home, putting your family's safety and comfort at risk. Fox Service Company, teamed with Eaton, uses state-of-the-art technology to help protect your home and family from the dangers of electrical surges, and here's a pleasant shock- priced for any budget. See a demo of how surge protection works here.

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