We're Here for you, Austin

Though we are experiencing very high call volume, our 24/7 customer service staff is currently available to answer phone calls. We ask that you please call 512-442-6782 or email info@foxservice.com and provide your address, email address and phone number so we can put your service need on our dispatch list and help keep you informed of our service availability. We have a growing backlog of customer service needs and greatly appreciate your patience as we work to get our technicians on the way as safely and quickly as possible.

Like many Austinites, our Fox Service Company employees have also been affected by severe weather conditions, power outages and extremely unsafe road conditions. We are working to get service to our customers as soon as possible. Although we are currently experiencing office power and system outages, we do expect to start dispatching available technicians to customer appointments as soon as local governments authorize safe travel and road conditions. At this time that is expected to possibly be sometime later today. In the meantime, here are a few tips that may help you endure the emergency:

  1. Check the power panel for tripped circuits.
  2. Keep refrigerators and freezers closed as much as possible.
  3. Fill bathtubs and empty containers with water.
  4. Unplug appliances to prevent damage when power resumes.
  5. Operate generators as far from the house as possible.
  6. If you have a CO alarm, do not ignore it; evacuate immediately.
  7. Stay home if possible. If necessary, evacuate to a hotel, Palmer Event Center or to a locally designated emergency shelter.

Anyone needing shelter can report to Palmer Event Center located at 900 Barton Springs Road in Austin. Families with children can go to Downtown Salvation Army Shelter located at 501 E. 8th Street. Check the latest updates at Austin Emergency Management at https://twitter.com/AustinHSEM/.

Know that we are here for you, Austin, and we will do all we can to help you get through this emergency as soon as possible.