Your Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Fox Service Company October 18, 2018

As summer comes to a close and the fall and winter seasons approach, the first thing that should be on every homeowner’s mind is preparing the home for the cooler weather to come. Performing a little preventative maintenance during the transition period will not only help save you from costly damages in the winter but also keep your family safe and comfortable all season long.

To help get you started, our Austin, Texas AC installation and repair specialists drafted a very easy-to-follow guide and checklist that will have your home prepared for the fall/winter in one month or less!

Clean/Replace Gutters and Downspouts

A clogged gutter can cause a world of problems like flooding and damaged exterior. We are used to our gutters properly functioning on their own that we often forget to give them the TLC they deserve. Cleaning your gutters frequently and replacing them if necessary should be a top priority on your fall home maintenance agenda.

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

A thorough plumbing inspection at least once (if not more) a year is a must for every homeowner. Call now to schedule, and make sure any exposed pipes are well insulated and that you know where to locate your main water shut-off valve just in case they freeze.

Check Air Filters

Any indoor air filters should be changed monthly if you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you are unsure about how to check your heating or cooling system’s air filter give Fox Service Company a call. We will be happy to help.

Store Window AC Systems (if necessary)

If your family uses window air conditioners we encourage you to store them before the chilly weather hits. However, if you prefer to leave them where they are, make sure to cover the entire exterior of the AC equipment with an insulating wrap to keep drafts from entering.

Call Fox Service Company Today!

Fox Service Company cannot overstate how important it is to perform the above tasks prior to the fall and winter seasons. In fact, we highly encourage all Austin, TX residents in need of AC repair and fall preparation help to call us now!


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