Top 5 Thanksgiving Dishes to Make: For a Cooking Novice

November 22, 2019

So, you’ve been asked to bring a dish for this year’s Thanksgiving. Only thing is, maybe you’re not really all that great at cooking. Now you’re in a tough situation.. We understand the dilemma. We created a compiled list of the best dishes (and their recipes) that any cooking novice can make with ease.  (Click images to view the recipe)

#1 Easy Stuffing

This classic Thanksgiving dish can be prepared in many ways. But since we are trying to impress the family, we have a recipe that they will surely enjoy. Try this Easy Traditional Stuffing recipe that your family or coworkers will be sure to love.

#2 Homemade Quick Yeast Rolls

Everybody loves a good carb,especially on Thanksgiving! So, you can be everyone’s favorite with a dish of some homemade yeast rolls. Don’t be scared by the “homemade” part. These rolls are quick to make, and they are a definite crowd pleaser.

#3 Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes recipe

Why are these mashed potatoes so “perfect”? Well there’s potatoes and everything you love to add in them. These will make you want to never eat mashed potatoes out of a box again.

#4 Easy Cranberry Sauce (Put away the can!)

The can of cranberries can be convenient, but there’s also beauty in having an amazing cranberry sauce that no one will forget! It just tastes better.

#5 Candied Sweet Potatoes

Another popular classic dish that we know and love. Candied Sweet potatoes are a nice and sweet addition to any meal. Make it for your family and they will be glad they asked you to bring a dish.

We must warn you that making these dishes may influence others to ask you to bring it again next year! Either way, we hope you and your family have an amazing and safe holiday!

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